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1 st emdr online learning platform 

The emdr online platform designed to teach you how to perform EMDR on your own as complete beginner. With our easy to use process you will figure it out in just 20 minutes. This lifetime skill along with our technology will allow you to heal on yourself.

EMDR therapy online saves money

Therapist are very expensive and when you do it online oyu many times experience the same results as a real therapy. On our website you can haveu nlimited session for 1 year for a price of 1 therapy. And many people on our platform report huge success.

Emdr online technology

Everyone who use our site will be able to learn to do EMDR on their own and understand all the phases. We also have EMDR technology and Audio bilateral stimulation technology both are very useful to heal PTSD. 


Emdr online results

Our site use the Emdr online therapy technology from turboemdr and they are ncurrently number 1. we use their API to provide best results. 

Many reports great success with our website and for the small precentage of people who cannot see results we refund their money.We don´t need your money if you don´t see huge positive results in your life. 

Emdronline.io is rated 5 in Trustpilot watch out!

Is emdr online better?

Many people send us emails that they have better results online than therapists due to privacy and comfort. Is it better for you? Only you can know.

You can try and see how it goes we give you full refund if you don´t see the results you need. You can try unlimited times for 1 month and save money.

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EMDR helped me in 3 sessions

After 3 session I felt like I am stronger again and my depression starting to heal. I highly recommend Emdronline.io.

Dana becker.


Emdr online faq

Many ask is EMDR online really works? The answer is it definitely work. There are many therapists that do EMDR online with their clients.

The things is that we teach you all how to do EMDR alone and save money.

It works after you comply with our guidance and do it according to our website rules. 

If you belong to the small percentage of people who EMDR isn’t for them we will issue full refund so don’t worry.

To master the skill you will need at least 30  minutes. Afterwards you will be able to do quicker sessions for half of this time. 

Some people master it even quicker. EMDR is not hard as you think. 

EMDR  therapy online is very easy to do. 

The cons of doing EMDR online is lots of more privacy and much lower costs. The cons may be for some people with big traumas that they can get to dissociation mode and don’t have awareness to do EMDR grounding exercises themself. 

If this the case and you tend to get to dissociation emdr with therapist may be better for you.

Yes we do 100%. Just send us email [email protected]

Yes, we only need your money if you get results. We are proud of our product that we give 30 days money back guarantee for all our plans.
You can ask hey, we don't get results and get your refund.